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BTW12 - Twelve (12) ninety (90) minute in-car lesson    

Our best value. This package provides students an opportunity to excel at driving exam skills while improving road readiness through situational awareness drills and repetitive practice of challenging cdriving scenarios. Most students do 12 lessons during their 365 days learners license holding period.

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Ideal for:

More training is recommended for:

The BTW12 package provides the most opportunities to improve visual search skills, space management skills, hazard recognition skills, speed adjustment skills and risk perception skills,

Your Artis Driving ® instructor will increase the difficulty of the driving scenarios once you demonstrate consistent control and appropriate decision making for each situation.

More driving lessons may be necessary in order to master more difficult driving scenarios such as congested lane changing, highway merging / lane changing, left turns across multiple lanes of traffic during rush hour or high traffic volume situations and more complex parking lot maneuvers such as parallel parking

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