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  1. DSAADSAA – www.thedsaa.org
    Artis Driving ® has pledged to uphold the ethics of the Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc. and has further pledged to maintain standards above those set by local, state and federal governments. This school can be patronized with confidence, since its policy is to offer to the public the most advanced and comprehensive safety education and driver training program available. All instruction are presented by professional, licensed and certified instructors and/or other specially trained and qualified personnel.
  2. AAAAAA - http://www.aaasouth.com/acs_news/adsn.asp
    Artis Driving ® has met all requirements of the AAA Approved Driving School program and has passed a stringent inspection in the areas of:
    • Community reputation
    • Facility appearance and functionality
    • Customer service
    • Current, well-maintained vehicles
    • Scope of driver training curriculum
    • In recognition of superior performance in meeting its customers’ driver training needs, this facility is hereby awards AAA approval.

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