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Service packages available in 2024 are:

BTW1 (1 lesson - 90 minutes) 

BTW2 (2 lessons – 3 hours) 

BTW4 (4 lessons – 6 hours) Click on the BTW6 link above.

BTW8 (8 lessons – 12 hours)    

BTW12 (12 lessons – 18 hours)  

TPA - Third Party Administration of the Class E Skills Driving Exam. The exam is administered in your vehicle. Upon successfuly exam completion, your results are immediately uploaded to the DMV database so you can pickup / print your license by appointment only at a DMV or Tax Collector office. A valid Florida Learner's License, current insurance ID card and vehicle registration are required. 

Lessons are Ninety (90) minutes in length.

Lesson progression - 1) basic car control, 2) basic traffic interactions, intersections, rights of way, traffic rules, 3) crash reduction strategies (safety and defensive driving) with visual searching skills, space management skills, speed control, hazard recognition and risk assessment as the focal points.

We tailor each lesson to the progress of the individual student. 

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